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Help our peculiar snake and protagonist, “Snaeky”, eat and collect treasures in this revamped, fast paced snake game reminiscent of the 90’s arcade hit: Snake

Sneaky Snaeky is a fun snake game that adds numerous new and unique elements to the traditional snake game type while retaining the snake game original thrill. This snake game offers multiple levels and game modes, power ups, can be easy to play, yet very challenging to master.

Help Snaeky, our snake and protagonist, win by eating all fruit on each stage and earn higher scores by collecting coins.

Sneaky Sneaky Go
  • A touching story
  • 60 engaging levels
  • Hidden power ups
  • Multiple game modes
  • Unlockable modes
  • Translated in several languages
  • Keep your progress across desktop, mobile and TV editions*

* Internet connectivity and login required

* Does not apply to in-app items

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